Why Join?


Woman giving business Presentation

Toastmasters members join for a variety of reasons. Although most of us want to be able to speak comfortably in public, others join because Toastmasters helps them build confidence or increase their managerial skills. Toastmasters skills include public speaking, organizing your thoughts quickly and effectively, evaluating others work, increasing vocabulary, and even management. Even though members are encouraged to participate and speak regularly, there is no pressure and each member is allowed to move at his own pace.

Public speaking plays a role in our every day lives: at the office, before a customer, in church or synagogue, at conferences, or coaching a team. Whether you have been asked to speak to a small group of people, a friendly gathering, or before hundreds the public speaking skills you will acquire with Toastmasters will increase your confidence and comfort. Toastmasters will help you attain your goals whether they are just to eliminate all those "ums" and "ahs" or to be able to speak publicly without having that sick, shaky feeling.

Additionally, Toastmasters is a friendly environment where you will meet others who work on projects similar to yours and share ideas. You will likely discover that you have a lot of things in common with other members. While this is not a social club, we do have a lot of fun learning and improving our skills!