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Who We Are ...

U2 Can Speak Toastmasters is a company club that meets weekly on Thursdays at lunchtime at Raytheon in Dulles, Virginia. We provide a friendly atmosphere for acquiring and practicing public speaking skills which aid in giving business presentations, answering on-the-spot questions with finesse, and feeling comfortable in front of an audience.  Our club also offers plenty of Leadership Opportunities which will help you become a better leader and/or manager.

Sound like something you can benefit from?  We are always looking for new members.  Please drop us a line using the Join Us form to the left, give one of the officers a call or drop by a meeting as a guest. We will tell you all about Toastmasters, and how you can join the fun!

Where We Are ...

Raytheon Company, 22110 Pacific Blvd Sterling, VA 20166 [Map]

News and Events ...

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Our next meeting is on Thursday.

Guests - please Contact us in advance so we can have your visit request approved by the site.
Policies require thatvisitors must be US Citizens or Permanent US Residents. If not, we'd recommend Toastmasters Meetup to find another great club nearby.

Once you have been registered to attend, please meet us in the lobby at 11:45 am.

Employee Guides: Our usual meeting room is the Cleveland Conference Room (101-R12-2 - just off the lobby)

Special Meetings:

  • March 9th - Raytheon Informational Meeting

Contest Dates

Thanks to everyone who helped at our club contest! Congratulations to Donna & Radhika!!
Upcoming Contests:

  • Area 55 - Saturday, March 4th 10:30 am Contest begins
    10:00 am Registration/10:15 am Briefing/ 02:00 pm Adjourn
    Location: Loudoun County Public Library
    Gum Springs Branch, Mtg Room B
    24600 Millstream Drive Stone Ridge, VA 20105
  • Division E - Saturday, April 8th, 2 pm: Contest Begins
    1:00 pm - Registration Opens/1:30 pm - Briefings/5:00 pm - Adjourn
    Location: Ashburn Library, Storytime Room
    43316 Hay Road, Ashburn, VA
  • District 29 Conference - Saturday, May 13th

You are also welcome to attend any of the contests in District 29.
Anthony's Area is 46 - Tuesday, March 28th

Toastmasters Leadership Institute

All Toastmasters are welcome to attend Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) to learn more about Toastmasters.
The educational training sessions are free.

Please visit the District 29 Toastmasters page for the latest information: District 29 TLI
District 29 TLIs are complete, but there are upcoming dates in nearby:
District 27: Feb 24th (Arlington), Feb 25th (DC)
and District 36: Feb 25th (Silver Spring, MD or DC)

The organizers request attendees register through the EventBrite links provided so they can plan for food and materials.
Our club number is 8224 and we are in Division E, Area 55.

Distinguished Club Program

Toastmasters International recognizes clubs for meeting goals related to the Distinguished Club Program (DCP).
The Toastmasters year runs from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

Official Report at Toastmasters International

U2 Can Speak Plans for 2016-2017: President's Distinguished (9+ goals, 20+ members on June 30, 2017)
Status as of February 16th: 7 Goals Complete, 22 Members paid through March 30th (+2 new members pending paperwork)
plus additional communications, leadership and membership goals are in progress!

Congratulations to Members who Completed Individual Goals this Toastmasters Year:

  • Ying - High Performance Leadership (HPL)
  • Radhika - Competent Communicator (CC)
  • Kristi - Competent Communicator
  • Michael M - Competent Communicator
  • Jennifer - Advanced Communicator-Gold (ACG)
  • Anthony - Advanced Communicator-Bronze (ACB)
  • Istvan - Competent Communicator
Plus many half-CCs/half-ACs (5+ speeches)

DCP Status Details

20 members must be on the books on June 30, 2017 for the club to qualify for DCP awards. (Members can renew in April or encourage new members to join to help the club meet this pre-requisite)

COMPLETE (6 goals)
DCP Goal 1 Two Competent Communicators (CC)
1a: First CC (IF)
1b: Second CC (MM-ie)

DCP Goal 3: One Advanced Communicator (AC) Goal (Anthony - AC-Bronze)
DCP Goal 4: One More Advanced Communicator (AC) - ready to submit (Jennifer -AC-Gold)
DCP Goal 7: Four New Members: 4 out of 4: KM, JG, PT, SK
DCP Goal 9: Officers Trained (min 4 each) (Summer: 6 attended/Winter: 6 attended)
DCP Goal 10: On Time Submittals officer list (complete) & Fall dues (complete)/Spring dues (planned)

SOON (1 goal)
DCP Goal 5: One Leadership Goal (CL/AL-B or beyond)

DCP Goal 2: Two more CCs
1a: First CC (KO)
1b: Second CC: (RR)
DCP Goal 6: One More Leadership Goal (CL/AL-B or beyond) (many members close)
DCP Goal 8: Four More New Members 3 out of 4: MM-ao, KO, RF

Half CCs by February 7, 2017
MM-ea (5 speeches completed)
AG (5 speeches completed)
CD (6 speeches completed)
MS (7 speeches completed)
and possibly others that are dual members.
Half ACs (5 speeches in a pair of advanced manuals) and Half CLs (5 projects) are also being tallied

About the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). All clubs work on group goals that help members meet their individual goals.
Clubs that meet 5, 7 or 9 out of 10 goals receive recognition from Toastmasters International as part of the Distinguished Club Program.

CC = Competent Communicator - first 10 speeches
CL = Competent Leader - initial 10 leadership projects
AC = Advanced Communicator (B=Bronze, S=Silver, G=Gold) - additional 10 speeches + other
AL = Advanced Leader (B=Bronze, S=Silver) - additional leadership objectives, such as being a club, area or district officer
DTM = Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM=ACG + ALS)
Last Updated February 12, 2017

Toastmasters Goals and Resources

All Toastmasters members and clubs are always working toward goals. The Toastmasters member educational program is based on two tracks - Communication and Leadership. These tracks can be worked on simultaneously. All new members receive manuals to guide them through the program. Members and clubs who work toward the Toastmasters International goals learn a great deal and are recognized by Toastmasters International in the form of awards.
More information about the educational award system can be found on the Toastmasters International website.

Communication Goals: The first 10 speeches are the basis of the Competent Communicator (CC) award.

Leadership Goals: In parallel with the communication track, members work toward the Competent Leadership (CL) award by following the manual or accomplishing the listed criteria, mainly by fulfilling club meeting roles.

New members receive 2 manuals when they join: the Competent Communicator (CC) manual (projects related to speeches) and the Competent Leadership (CL) manual (projects mainly based on meeting roles).

Advanced Communication and Leadership Goals: On the communication track, once a CC is achieved, members begin working toward the Advanced Communicator (AC) awards.
The first two advanced manuals are free after the CC is submitted! On the leadership track, some of the criteria for the advanced goals can be met while still working on the initial level.
Each Advanced Leadership level has a list of leadership experiences or projects to accomplish.
Becoming a club officer is an easy way to get started meeting one of the Advanced Leadership goals.
Even new members can serve as officers.

Club Goals: Toastmasters International runs a program to recognize high-performing clubs through the Distinguished Club Program (DCP).
Goals are related to Communication and Leadership accomplishments for both individual members, officers and the club as a whole.
When the club focuses on meeting these goals, it can help the members meet their individual goals. Reports are updated at least weekly: DCP Report for Club 8224
We are: District 29, Division E, and Area 55, Club 00008224


Links for Potential Members:
About Toastmasters
Toastmasters International - Educational Program
Toastmasters listing for our club (additional contact info)
First Speech (Ice Breaker)

Links for New Members:
Competent Communicator Manual Summary (thanks District 4!)
Competent Leadership Manual Summary
Club Meeting Roles
CL Tracking Form (Excel download)
How To Documents

Links Related to Club Leadership:
Distinguished Club Program (DCP) Report
Club Leadership Handbook
Leader Letter
Resources (from District 29)
Club Constitution and Bylaws
(Download) Distinguished Club Program (DCP)

Links for Advanced Goals:
Advanced Communicator Manual Summaries
Advanced Communicator Goals
Advanced Leader Goals
Permanent post

Our default conference room is the Cleveland Conference Room (101-R12-2 - 1st floor, just off the lobby).
Alternate Room Locations: Garfield (102-R12-2 above lobby) and rooms by the copiers: Hayes - 2nd floor/Grant - 3rd/Lincoln - 5th or Buchanan - 6th